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Hello World!

I’ve always had a mind for details and for learning. Any new topic I find that interests me I will want to know everything I can about it. Combine that with an admiration for creatives who work with their hands like painters, sculptures, woodworkers etc. and it’s no wonder I fell in love with coding. Software development provides me with an infinite learning potential while giving me the feeling of creating something amazing.


Full Stack Software Developer

Nashville Software School

A full stack web development bootcamp focused on preparing individuals for the technology industry though tackling a series of group based sprints designed to replicate real world businesses.
- Focus on creating projects in a group setting that parallel real problems out in the business world.
- Developing backend projects using mediums such as DJango, Python, SQL
- Creating single page applications using Javascript, React, Bootstrap, Grunt, HTML, CSS as the primary technologies.

October 2018 - March 2019

TEFL Teacher

The Caledonian School

Being a teacher for the Caledonian school gave me a lot of freedom. The school provided a list of students looking for an English Teacher and I got to choose the ones I was interested in. I primarily taught adults and the classes were usually around 5 or 6. I would travel to wherever the client wanted to have classes which was usually at the clients office and we would have English lessons in their conference rooms. As their teacher I was responsible for assessing what level their English speaking ability was (CEFR Level) and design lessons around individual students needs. I would also why they wanted to learn English to better tailor the lesson to their needs. My days started by spending a few hours in my schools library creating lesson plans from English books or finding resources online. If the client wanted to improve their English to perform better at work I would usually prepare business English exercises and activities. Other students just wanted to improve their conversation skills so their lessons were usually much more relaxed, focused around having basic conversations or even watching popular TV shows with the subtitles on. Since most of my clients were paid by their companies to take English lessons with me they would also ask that I assess their progress about every 6 months. For this I would design tests based on everything the students had gone over and write a report to their companies telling them if they had improved and by how much. I also took on a number of private students for which I preformed similar services to.

March 2015 - March 2016


Whole Foods Market

As a Cheesemonger my main responsibility was to maintain our stores cheese counter and recommend products to customers. My day was filled with cutting wheels of cheese that were running out in our display and talking to customers about parties they were hosting or going to and recommending great food to take with them. Part of my job was to also study our products to be able to tell customers about them and what kind of cheeses paired well with others. In order to study cheese you have to eat cheese, and I ate a lot of cheese. Our store carried around 100 unique cheeses and I had to make sure I was able to talk about all of them to interested customers. My department also sold beer and wine so when I wasn't cutting/sampling cheese I was stocking/sampling drinks. Our store also had a wine bar. The bar was staffed by employees of our department that had a license to serve alcohol. I took the 5 hour class and got my license and started serving at the bar about a month into starting. The bar was a culmination of everything I had learned in my department. I had to talk about and sell cheese plates, pour wine and beer and entertain customers. I loved working at our stores bar, it gave me a chance to really get to know our customers and make friends with them. It was also an opportunity for them to slow down their experience of our store and really learn something about the products around them. I was able to educate and eventually sell so many bottles of wine and blocks of cheese to people who normally wouldn't have taken the time to talk to me about them.

April 2016 - September 2018

Customer Service Team Mentor

Whole Foods Market

My first responsibility as a Team Mentor was to introduce new hires to the store. I would walk them around and introduce them to each department, teaching them a little bit about how each department works, their policies and introduce them to the people that work there. I would then introduce the new hire to our department. Go more in depth on our policies and how we handle our business. I would also introduce them to the people there that day and make a post on our teams Facebook page about the new hire so coworkers who were not present would be more familiar with the new face. My favorite part of the job was the training. It was my responsibility to mold new hires into friendly and efficient cashiers. Our store had manuals the trainers would follow to make sure every new hire received consistent training. After running through several groups of trainees I found the manuals to be either lacking information or outdated so during my down time I wrote a new one. The new manual assumed the trainer did not know how to train someone and included a step by step process on how to teach someone to be a cashier who had never been one before. My management loved the new training and to this day is still what new team mentors will use to train new hires. Another part of my job was product education. Our store had a bi-weekly training class that would be hosted by a department in the store. Random members of each department would take 30 minuets out of their day to go meet in the specified department and learn a little bit about it. This helped team members get more familiar with how the store worked as a whole and prevented department tunnel vision. When it was my departments turn to host the class it would be my job to host. Since my job was customer service I taught everyone from store managers to kitchen cooks how to bag groceries properly, talk to customers, handle problems efficiently and store customer service policies.

September 2008 - February 2015


Nashville Software School

Full Stack Developer
Intensive full-time 6-month software development bootcamp focusing on full stack (Python/Django) development fundamentals and problem solving. The final half of the program executed in a simulated company environment with Scrum methodology.
  • Hands on application development through group and individual projects reflecting real world business problems
  • Javascript fundamentals using DRY, modular, readable code and reusable components
  • React, HTML, and CSS built browser-based single page applications
  • Task automation with Grunt: Linting with ESLint, module bundling with Browserify
  • Experience using Bootstrap, Semantic UI and CSS to style web applications
  • Leverage SQL to build and interact with databases
  • Utilize Python and Django to build web applications
  • Experience using Django REST to build an API
  • Experience building applications using test driven development
October 2018 - March 2019

TEFL Worldwide

English Teacher

"When I left home to go live in Prague, the Czech Republic's capital, I wasn't an English teacher. I was just hungry to see the world and grow as a person. When I arrived I had about a week to get setted and get familiar with the city before beggining my teaching certification course. The first day of class was orientation, the second day I was teaching real students English. Throughout the course we were constantly practicing infront of real students while our instructors watched and gave us feedback. When were not with our students we became the students, taking real English courses from our instructors. Our instructors would give us real english lessons and we would participate in every activity, not because we needed to learn english but so we could take notes on how lessons should go, how long they take, how many times you need to repeat words or instructions to students etc."

Completed an accredited on-site, 4 week, 120 hour TEFL, program that included approximately 10 hours of actual hand on experience teaching in classrooms with actual ESL learners at levels including Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate learners. Program focus consisted of teaching methodology and language awareness. Topics of program coverage included: Vocabulary, Grammar, Phonology, Business English, young learners English, Methodology, authentic materials and course books, EFL Testing and other EFL components.

January 2015 - February 2015

My Work

Programming Languages & Tools
My Projects
  • Curd Nurd
  • Curd Nurd is a single page CRUD application built with React and Semantic UI that allows users who love cheese but know nothing about it to build delicious cheese plates for any sized party or gathering. Using a cheese database of my own design Curd Nurd allows users to browse information of 50+ cheeses, and then assemble their own plate by choosing options from pre populated drop down menus. The cheeses in the menus are sorted by their age. A user can then save their selections to a card on their dashboard and is ready to go to the store to pick them out.
  • Teachers Pet
  • Teachers Pet is a Django Web app that was designed for EFL and ESL teachers. The app helps English teachers around the world manage classes and students varying skill levels to better target areas of need when creating lesson plans. The skills are based around the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels. The app utilizes drop down menus for each students’ overall and specific skills.